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Knuckles The Runner APK Description

Synopsis: Sonic evolution

sanic woke up and found himself in knucklee s skin and he realised that the hedgehog robot that he met in the dash was one of the mad doctor robots. He must've given him something, it could be an electric curse or a knucklu spell. sonics also realised that his speed was decreasing in a fast way and he couldn't run the way he used to run in the super evoution echidna jungle.
Actually knucklee was a robot hedgehog, made by the mad doctor to defeat sonics in a speed jungle fast dash. He was defeated after a long bloody run in which he killed on of somic's best friends called knuck. From that day somic left the jungle and he was haunted by the image of the dark hedghog. Furious, the mad doctor kept on tracking sonicc and sending his robots but he never found him, until that day where he took revenge.
The robot that he sent pulled a potion in the river where super sonic drinks, and it caused his body evolution to knuckle. Now he has no other choice, track the mad vilain, find the antidote to get out of knuckles super hedgehog body and kill him to avenge his friend knuck. Otherwise the blue heroic hedgehog will die.
He gotta be very fast, and use his speed evolution to run all over the 30 wrolds, a lot of ennemie robots will be waiting for him to kill him, a dozen of traps, deadly jumps, epic run and a long escape dash. This is gonna be one of his hardest adventures cause he's not sonic anymore, today he is knuckles and he is out of the jungle.

Game Play : Full Arcade

In this classic plateform arcade game your hedghog gotta be fast and kill his ennemies and dodge the obstacles using four moves which are: run , jump , double jump , and dodge monsters through the robots galaxy .
This is a free and challenging speed evolution, run and jump game arcade made for kids , teenagers and grown ups , boys and girls from all ages and all countries. It's available and free on google play . In this dash, in order to kill evil rivals you can fight them jump over them or you can collect your jungle hedgehog power to shoot them from distance and keep yourself safe in this deadly adventure .
This arcade game will surely bring to teens a lot of old games memories . The gameplay is super easy and barely needs any instructions all you have to do is to run with all your speed and fast jump avoiding evil knukles hedghog robots and super hard obstacles untill you reach the end of the dash.
The levels are different one from another which makes this game very intense arcade and super unexpected .
Don't you ever let any rival touch your brave hedghog echidna hero , use your speed and power to overcome them.

Features : Worlds evolution

knukles super hedgehog sonik speed adventure is a fresh new game but the desgnis are classic like they used to be in the old arcade games of the previous decennies. It offers you 30 different challenging levels. It's a free and jump adventure escape that you can download super fast, with high resolution stunning graphics. A dozen of defetable ennemies with different levels of super difficulty.
The more you run the more rewards you wuill get, run to your top echidna speed and crush every rival in your paths.

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