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Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl, There is nothing that will take you further with women than good verbal game. All the money, cars, and clothes in the world won't mean a thing if you can't effectively communicate your agenda to a woman. Your mouthpiece can be a weapon or an aphrodisiac - it all depends on the situation. First let's assume that you've gotten over being nervous about talking to women. If you have, then you're halfway there.

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Simple Learn about flirty questions to ask a girl:

The first thing to remember is that conversations can be very spontaneous. You won't always be the one who initiates them, either. You will have instances when women will talk to you and you'll have to be ready. Try to speak as clearly as possible and enunciate your words fully. Talk at a calm and measured pace. If you're the one kicking things off, then most often it should start with a polite greeting such as "hello" - that's right, a plain old "hello." Pickup lines are so passé and the last thing you want is to appear to be contrived or rehearsed with your macking. You'll always want to steer the conversation towards the woman because at the end of the day, they love to talk about themselves. You'll appear to be interesting and you'll get some cursory information about them if they'll volunteer it. This is where reading to expand your mind comes in handy, my friend.

If you are a well-read person then your conversational arsenal should be fully loaded. Think about it. How can you have a tight mouthpiece if you don't even have the subject matter to talk for five minutes, playa? Being well-versed will definitely take you far in any social arena but you don't want be out there giving lectures. If a woman mentions something then you want to be able to pivot in response and discourse her on any subject.

When a verbal encounter starts, you never want to engage in gossip. This will make you look rather effeminate. Either you'll crash and burn or be thrown into the "friend bag" immediately. We're certainly not in the field to make friends, are we? If these are the things you choose to discourse a woman about, you'll get her very comfortable - so damn comfortable that she'll think she's talking to one of her girlfriends. Avoid subjects like this at all costs. Besides talking about her or her family you can discuss the environment, animals, the economy, food, music, books, clothes, or exercise. Stay away from heavy topics like race, religion, or politics.

To keep your game seamless and smooth, you'll have to learn the art of conversational shifts. For example, you could be in a bookstore talking about the latest crime fiction bestseller. After about five minutes of that you can shift to saying how writing styles are becoming homogenized or how the descriptive language of the past great novels has faded into obscurity. A few more minutes of this will certainly pique a girl's curiosity.

To learn more about how to step your verbal game up with the ladies and flirty questions to ask a girl, as well as fashion tips, dating issues and obstacles, and other good advice, check out our app now.

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