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by Loafer Studio

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Oct 23, 2018


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Idle Summoner APK Description

Idle Summoner is annual RPG masterpiece !Here the warriors will forge a group of lovely and unique best heroes and form their own union to fight monsters and win glory.Warriors set off, adventure begins!

Game features
▶ Hero formation
Summoners can mix and match hundreds of heroes in the game to form your own unique team. Heroes can be constantly upgraded in weapons, helmets, breastplates, hand guards, accessories, etc., and the ultimate artifact can be worn to make your hero stronger and stronger. Heroes are also divided into different camps such as water, thunder, gold, fire, light, and dark. Different camps can complement each other to enhance team abilities, and play against different players or fight together!

▶ Hang up revenue
With a powerful on-hook team, you can also earn money offline. The hero of the on-hook team can always fight for you, and you can continue to get game revenue even if you are not in the game.

▶Q-Style game
Q-Style hero design brings you a different visual experience, collect different heroes, form a more powerful team, and explore more secrets of the magical continent. The fusion of heroes makes your hero stronger, and the probability of a senior hero's card drawout makes you no longer worried about not having a powerful hero.

▶ Variety team
Six attribute heroes are competing with each other and collaborating with each other, Match different teams with amazing combinations. From cave manor to taboo land ,more of your unimaginable combinationwaiting for the summoner to create

▶Exploring the mysterious continent
On this mysterious continent, every piece of land is worth summoner to explore. You will encounter friendly elves and handsome princes; your hang-up team will defeat them in exchange for generous rewards; you need to constantly strengthen your heroes to defeat each other in the battle of the leader; and the crystal ruins, horror forests, death Canyon... This is waiting quietly for you.

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