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Weight Loss Tracker APK  v 1.5

Weight Loss Tracker can track body fat and weight loss in imperial and metric.

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Weight Loss Tracker APK Description

The Weight Loss Tracker allows you to keep track of your weight loss. You can look back across your history and see the amount of weight loss you have achieved over time. With the Weight Loss Tracker you will be able to see what your body fat percentage is. Tracking your body fat percentage is a good way to know exactly where you stand.

Not only can you track your weight loss and body fat percentage, but you can also view your BMI. Your BMI or Body Mass Index is the internationally accepted standard for recommend weight.

While BMI is a good guage, it is better to use multiple methods to determine your weight loss. Using total weight loss, combined with body fat percentage, BMI, and your mirror is the best way to determine weight loss and body fat loss. The mirror is a great way to keep tabs on the amount of body fat you are carrying and is my favorite. Only you know how happy you are with your level of body fat.

Weight Loss Tracker features:
* Calculates your Body Fat, Calories needed to lose weight, Macro-nutrients to consume to reach your goals, Calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI), and Helps you keep track of your goals.
* Includes charts for both body fat and weight loss tracking
* Metric and Imperial measurements accepted
* Can measure weight in pounds, kilograms, and stones
* Accepts measurements in centimeters and inches
* Includes 4 themes to accommodate personal preferences
* You log in with either Google, Facebook, Twitter, or a custom email and password. This allows you to sync all your weight loss and body fat loss data across all your devices.